2006.11.03 Fri
Art Wall Project in Kitasenba,Osaka

New Construction Sights Design in Kitasenba,Osaka has been completed on November 3rd.
Kitasenba had flourished by merchal in early part of the century .
Wall graphic pattern is about merchant dialect in Kitasenba.
Our design intend to passersby rediscover old dialect and local cultural resource and think about future Kitasenba.


2006.10.12 Thu
Sequence Design in Odori Tunnel won the Good Design Award 2006

Sequence Design in Odori Tunnel won the "Interaction Design Prize " in Good Design Award 2006.
website: Good Design Award 2006


2006.8.18 Thu
Hikifune Art Project

Construction Sights Design in Kyoshima,Sumida-ku.
Wall graphic design is about local scenes,local words .
We expect people rediscover their hometown Hikifune through this Design.



2006.7.13 Thu
Shinjuku Southern Beat 2006/Sinjuku ID?iIdentity?j

New project of Shinjuku Southern Beat , "Shinjuku ID" has started on June 3rd.
To rediscover and think about Shinjuku's future,we designed wall graphic with portraits and love messages
of voluntary participants and staff.
left photo:It took whole night to put 90 people's portraits on the wall.
right photo:You can look at construction sight thurough this small window.



2006.2.24 Fri
Shinjuku Southern Beat 2006 Kickoff!!!



2006.1.26 Thu
Exhibition : Construction Sights Building Site Design-----Site Images



2006.1.26 Thu

'Construction Sights Building Site Design ' In Store Now
(by Ayumi Han + Studio Han Design and others/changed A4 size/4800yen + tax/ KAJIMA INSTITUTE PUBLISHING CO., LTD.)

---'Construction Sights Building Site Design' DVD+Poster in B2 size
In Store, Feb 2006
price: 1500yen + tax
graphic design: Tycoon Graphics
movie: dir/Kazushi Kimura, animator/Tatsuro Kamata, music/HIFANA, Uppercut
supervision/exhinition design: Han Ayumi + Studio Han Design

20 Jan, 2006
Construction Sights Building Site Design : Exhibition

25 Jan. - 20 Feb., 2006
At Design Gallery1953, 7F, Matsuya Ginza
support----------------Obayashi Corporation,Hikari Kairiku Sangyo Co.,Ltd, I.G.S. Co.Ltd, Marking Magic Co., Ltd,
cooperation-----------Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Okinawa General Bureau Cabinet Office
designers & artists--Yuki Kikutake, Klein Dytham architecture, Kashiwa Sato,
-------------------------Katsuhiko Shibuya, Ayumi Han, Kenya Hara, Bruce Mau, Kijyurou Yahagi, Yoko Yamamoto

graphic design: Tycoon Graphics
movie: dir/Kazushi Kimura, animator/Tatsuro Kamata, music/HIFINA, Uppercut
supervision/exhinition design: Han Ayumi + Studio Han Design

during Jan: 10am -9pm(Fri),
-------------------- -8pm(Wed&Thu&Sat&Sun)-7:30pm(Mon&Tue)/-8pm on 31st

during Feb: 10am -8pm,
--------------------- -7:30pm(Mon&Tue), but to 8pm on 13, 14, 28
--------------------- -6:30pm on 16

MATSUYA GINZA 3-6-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,104-8130, Japan / tel: +81-3-3567-1211


8 Sep, 2005
Nikkei Construction

Shinjuku Southern Beat Project appeared in 'Niikei Construction'(isser no. 9/9/2005), a techical journal of civil engineering in Japan


24 Aug, 2005
GDP 2005

Projects of Studio Han Design are nominated as Good Design Award at the GDP2005, at Tokyo Big Site from 25th to 27th Aug 2005.
Our theme is 'Rebirth of Costruction Site'. You can see our three Projects of construction site design there.
Check the website for more details.




9 Mar, 2005
Shinjuku Southern Beat Project

Shinjuku Southern Beat Project has started until Aug 2005, creative directed by Studio Han Design.
The Bridge has been used for 80 years, so now it is changing for new one.
We directed and designed the construction screen which is about 300m to see the history of Shinjuku and the meaning of the construction.
You can check all of the graphic design in the website now.