:: Books and Journals ::
Mar, 2008 JOUNAL OF ARCHITECTURE AND BUILDING SCIENCE Architectural Institute of Japan
writing of "urban space literacy"
26 Feb, 2008 Environment Business
interview about shopping districts in stations
Dec, 2007 Axis n.130
[Optical Dot]project has been published.
Dec, 2007 Kenchiku-Journal
interview about Shinjuku Sourthern Beat Project
Oct, 2007 Domus
inside the "scattered-notes" section some projects about sequence design have been published.
25 June, 2007 Fuji-sankei Business
close-up in Kita-senba /Wall-Art in Kita-senba
Apr, 2007 AERA ’07.43-5.7 Asahi Shimbun Publications, Inc.
interview about Hikifune Ga
Feb, 2007 Kenchiku-Journal

Feb, 2007 Jutaku joho RECRUIT CO.,LTD.
writing of apartment house with light court
Jan, 2007 Nikkei Construction Nikkei Business Publications. Inc.
interview about Shinjuku Sourthern Beat Project

Jan, 2007 Design-no-Hikidasi Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd.
interview about comfortable tunnel of the future

:: Newspapers and Internet::
21 Apr, 2008 pingmag
interview about construction site design
More information at pingmag.jp
29 Feb, 2008 Asahi Shimbun
[Optical Dot]project has been published.
2 Apr, 2007 Asahi Shimbun
「Senba-Kotoba(dialect in region)」/Wall-Art in Kita-senba
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