Tokyobay Aqualine / tunnel approach way design / Japan Highway Public Corporation
'Aqualine', the Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway, is a 15km long highway that links Kawasaki (Tokyo side) and Kisarazu (Chiba side). The highway runs through the 10km undersea tunnel, changes to a 5km oversea bridge and crosses two manmade islands above Tokyo Bay. The Ukishima approach is the entrance or the exit on the Tokyo side. A high-level highway, stretching in the middle of the grayish petrochemical complexes and leading straight to the ocean, loses altitude gradually, and the level of the highway comes down to ground level. From here, the highway splits the land in two, and transforms into a runway to the deep ocean. Cars are led to dive in at the right speed. In response to driving, a wall on either side of the road gets higher, and the drivers can see the accumulative different colors and textures form the horizontal layers of the wall. This landscape makes drivers realize that their car loses altitude from the ground to the sea surface, appoaching the bottom of the ocean, getting ready for "takeoff".