Architecture of the year / exhibition interior design / The Japan Architectural Association
The exhibition,curated by Arata Isozaki,explored the theme relation between architecture and politics. Four young curators were asked to develop the theme. Ayumi Han directed the concept and design of the exhibition space. The place itself is intended to be a conceptual installation where visitors cross different worlds of architectural history . The curators choosed subjects that imply world-historic meaning to architecture but received minor attention.
The themes were: "Visionary Machine-The Architecture of the French Revolution" by Jun Tanaka; "Architecture as Spectacle-Another plan for Meiji" by Reinin Nakatani; ""Architecture in ultimate state- Phantasm of the socialist nation" by Hironori Matsubara; "City as massproducer- Made in Tokyo" by Momoyo Kaijima.
The exhibition space has a "box in a box"layout.The biggest box is dedicated to social and hystorical displays. Visitors can explore the content freely, walking around or crossing the space.
The middle box is a space for words. Discourses about revolutionary architecture and dialogues between Isozaki and the four curators cover all the wall and floor.
The smallest box is designed like a 4 and a half mat tea ceremony room. On the walls Isozaki books are stored. A monitor, set in the center substituting a fireplace, is showing real-time images of the exhibition space that is overlooked by the camera obscura.