from 1995 to 2000
Highway Park / urban scape design / Japan Highway Public Corporation
A highway is the remain of civilization in modern landscape. It is the secondary nature which contemporary people were given in advance. For the neighbors the long wall was nothing else but an exclusive obstacle which divided the surrounding area.
Turn the negative space of dark and inhumane highways into the positive and cheerful space to face the neighbors. A complete change of the back into the surface. This is what the design for Highway Park intends.
The simple concrete passages in the style of box-culvert are given individual appearance and name, and their colors are arranged to design communicative gates. The box gates vertically go through a highway, and smoothly link the two divided areas on both sides of the highway as a welcome gate for visitors. Moreover, in the Highway Park, extending between the gates and along the highway, one may stop walking and rest on a bench under a tree, or meet one's friends at a small square or landmark tree. It is a place to enjoy oneself. A shadowy backstage becomes a sunny landscape.