from 1995 to 2000
Shin Nihonzaka Tunnel / sequence design / Japan Highway Public Corporation
The 2-minute video shows a CG-animated simulation of the design. The design defines the "speed-space", silmilar to the experience of the environment when traveling through a highway, which is peculiar to urban life. The video also demonstrates a sequence of the artificial space in Shin-Nihonzaka Highway Tunnel. As moving through a city tunnel rarely allows to feel comfortable during commuting hours, passengers tend to feel suffocated . A trip through a tunnel lacks of relaxing experiences such as greenery, city, landscape, climatic change, etc.

The intention of this design is for the passengers to feel more comfortable during the trip of 90 seconds at 100km/h. A sequence of a story overlaps with the tunnel, that stretches over 2,5km, by means of a linear pattern design along the walls of the tunnel.
Melody, harmony, tune and rhythm are expressed arcording to the employed pattern.

Thus the right side represents the image of the melody tuned by wind instruments such as flute, oboe and horn, while the other side of the wall play the part of string instruments such as violin, viola and cello that respond by synchronized harmony.
The sound, melody, and stress are respectively compared to color, position and thickness of each material inside the tunnel. Everything is integrated into the vertical change of direction and rhythm. These effects make up the experience of a car surrounded by a piece of music as it passes the tube.

Feel the rhythm through the stream line and listen to the harmony of color.