Pedestrian-Bridge on Avenue deTervuren / pedestrian bridge design / City of Brussels
This competition winning design was finally realized in 2001 after many discussions and changes. The competition was carried out by the organization of public parks of the city of Brussels, in 1998. The bridge has a length of 70 meters and links the popular Woluwe Park that is divided by the main street ,Av. de Tervuren.
Av. de Tervuren is the longest street that runs from North to West crosswise through Brussels, accompanied by the tram way. Pedestrians and cyclists are interrupted in their flow when strolling through the park and therefore requests a new link between both sides.
The double bridge connects the park levels in a linear structure and the street levels in an arch structure. Cyclists and pedestrians are thus allowed to move freely from side to side or to swap levels. The bridge is designed as a lightweight structure, covered with a wood deck surface and is equipped with this handrails. The installed up-lights do not only enlighten the dark and shady surrounding but also put an accent to the linear main street.
photo:Daylight project realized in collaboration with P. Blondel and L.Ney