Toyota Junction Park / concept & park design / City of Toyota
A highway is the totally devoted to the efficiency of motorized transport. In other words the surrounding space is an enormous void.
Junction Park is a citizen's park thathas been essential in the planning of the highway. Unlike the highway which focuses on an instant user, the park focuses on a permanent user. The park is designed to bring back nature, to unite surrounding communities and to gather people from all age through shared activities in the park.
The project implements a biotope with play grounds, walking and cycling path, planting and mini-golf areas.Sun and wind energy are used to lighten up the park.
Toyota Junction is more than an interchange for the high speed mobility society. Junction Space is more than a service to the infrastructure. Junction Park is more than a pleasant ground.
All together it is a junction system in which no part could exist without the other. If torn apart, each element would become a forlorn void.
Toyota Junction Park Toyota Junction Park