Techno Forest / highway identity design / Japan Highway Public Corporation

This project deals with the elevated part of the Daini Tomei Highway, between East-Toyota and Kariya, of about 12,6 km. Additional to the design of the shape of the structure the plan was to enhance harmonious coexistence of the residents with their new environment.
The "Highway Identity" is one element of th attempt to raise understanding and appreciation for the constructive on-goings. "Highway Identity" refers to what is normally called "Corporate Identity", which s basically used by private enterprises as well as by public organs, in order to express the idea behind an organization.

The highway ID includes the original name, the logo mark and the whole concept of the "Techno Forest". The "Techno Forest" idea implies the fusion of technology and environment as part of life in the 21st century.
For better recognizing and orientation, the pillars are classified into groups that are similar in shape and color. The groups are lebeled with nicknames, icons and serial numbers.
photo: yoshiaki tsutsui | graphic: tycoon graphic