Shinjuku Southern Beat Project 2005 / communication design
This is a design for the construction site of the Infrastructure Development Project in Souther part of Shinjuku Station. This project aimed to make people aware that the town of “Shinjuku” will bring back youthful memories for all ages. If also aimed to make people interested and understand the construction that is creating Shinjuku’s future.
A 320m long construction fence was used as a new media to communicate to pedestrians. Through the official website (www.shinjuku-ss.jp), citizens could write their “Shinjuku memories”that, together with messages and graphics would cover the fence.

The lighting concept “Shinjuku’s future color” was planned using lights for the construction. Desirable colors for Shinjuku’s future were voted at the official website and the color that was chosen was used for lighting on the construction site.

The project exceeded our expectations, bringing new community to the construction site.This became the talk of the internet, TV, newspapers, magazines and even won a Good Design Award in 2005.
photo: momoko japan
photo: Makoto Okuguchi
cd: Studio Han Design | ad&d: Tycoon Graphics | pd&c: Yoshitsugu Nagasaki | Illustration: Kiyoshi Kuroda| lightup-planning: Kyota Takahashi |
website:NAGI | cl : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport