Harapeko / Furniture for Babies, DesignTide2005
"First Sofa - first pal for life"
A piece of furniture that can be used for life time. A piece of furniture that companies a baby, when it is leaving mom's tender arms and starts to sit alone. A chair for an infant that can'tt walk yet, and even can't use furniture yet.
In the first year the child internalizes its experiences and its ability to move. During the important growth process, when the infant's hip and back can't keep the balance yet, LARVA softly embraces and supports the infant's body while it explores new actions.
Along with the growth of the baby, the shape of LARVA can be changed. The "chair" for the baby transforms in to a "toy" for the child and finally in to a "cushion" for the adult.
Further characteristics of LARVA are its soft material and that it doesn't force the child to sit in a certain position. The freedom of shape makes it also usable for adults, as a floor cushion or neck roll, for relaxation on a sofa.

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photo: Alessio Guarino