Construction Sight / exhibition & concept design
Looking at the city environment we see that it is changing continuosly.Construction sites are the places where this changes are more evident. In organizing this exhibition we took a different point of view and looked at how design affects them.
The aim was to show how the nature of these places is changing: nowadays they have turned into meeting places that offer a glimpse of the construction. Eight projects from different design studio were presented.In addition video interviews with the designers were shown.

Matsuya Department Ginza, 7th floor.
January 25th-February 20th 2006

Ohbayashi Corporation,Ito ironworks Co.,Fuji Film,Tokyo National Highway office Co.,Ministry of Land,Infrastructure and Transport,Cabinet Office Okinawa General Secretariat,Naha Harbor Airport.

Yuki Kikutake,Klein Dytham Architecture, Kashiwa Sato, Katsuhiko Shibuya, Ayumi Han, Kenya Hara, Bruce Mau, Kijuro Yahagi, Yoko Yamamoto.

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