Shinjuku Southern Beat2006 / ShinjukuID / communication design / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation
This project is a sequel of Shinjuku Southern Beat 2005. 183 men andwomen living in and loving Shinjuku, the center of Tokyo, appeared asportraits on the construction site fence. They became a part of environment of the city and talked to people. It aimed to make people find out the present Shinjuku through the wall graphics. Construction workers also appeared on the portraits. They introduced details of the construction by Q&A and showed who were constructing to people.
50 participants for the portraits were selected by lottery throughthe official web site ( In the end and beginning of the year, messages from the constructor to the citizens (as below) were designed using lights for the construction at night:gREBORN 201X <<< SOUTH SQUAREh gROUTE 20 >>> FUTUREh

cd: Studio Han Design ad&d: Tycoon Graphics pd&c: Yoshitsugu Nagasaki i: Kiyoshi Kuroda lighting-planning: Kyota Takahashi website: Nagi