Shinjuku Southern Beat2007 / ShinjukuID / communication design / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation
This is the third chapter of the Shinjuku Identity project. The previous two dealt with the past and the present of this area, this one with its future. An illustration of the future plan of Shinjuku, that will be completed in 2016, was applied on the 150m construction fence in front of South exit.

The future of Shinjuku is explained using an illustration character. As in previous projects the people's opinions had a chance to express through the blog specifically created.
The lighting design concept developed was "shine corridor" that illuminated the walking path during the night.

cd: Studio Han Design ad&d: Tycoon Graphics pd&c: Yoshitsugu Nagasaki i: Kiyoshi Kuroda lighting-planning: Kyota Takahashi website: Nagi