Sensorial Dynamics/ installation / at Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany
The inhabitants of the megalopolis - having acquired an unlimited expansion of physical and sensorial faculties - are no longer able to survive without the invisible suits of a neural network called "media".
The dimension of an automobile represents the largest possible extension of a human body organ, and, at the same time,the smallest possible unit of a house. That is to say, it thresholds inner from outer, or subject from object. Speed distorts time anspace and inflicts simultaneously a sensation of pleasure and fear of death.
Which artificial natural environment-not limited to the programmed imitation of virtual reality- will replace the diminishing Nature in the future? The cityscape is outlined through a veilof illusion, in thick layers of superficial images and symbols. The sensory perception - obese and out of proportion by constant stimuli and excessive consumption- must be lead to regain total physical awarness to restore dynamism.
Observer: two people in a two-seater. Eyewitnesses that have become a fixed a point in movement.