Han Ayumi
Born in Tokyo. Urbanscape Architect
1982 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, faculty of Design "Tokyo Geijutu Daigaku".
1986 Politecnico di Milano, faculty of Architecture, Italy.
1988 - 1990 Worked in Kuramata Design Office; interior & product design, Tokyo.
1991 Opened own design practice; Studio Han s.r.l., Tokyo.
1994 - 1995 Grant; Artist in residence, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart & ZKM "Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe", Germany .
2000 Studio Han Design Co.Ltd autholized archtectural office.
2005 - 2006 Jury Member of Good Design Award 2005/2006, in Architecture and Environment Design Category.
2009 Completed master's course student at, Graduate school of Interdisplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo.
2009 - Researches as Doctor course student at, Emerging Design and Informatics Cource, ditto, The University of Tokyo.
  Menber of ITS Center(Center of Intelligent Transport Systems: research center for advanced mobility), institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo.
1995 Media Art Course at HfG "Hochschule fur Gestaltung Karlsruhe"
1998 Seoul School of Architecture, Seoul, Korea
1999 IAMAS(International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences),Oogaki, Japan
2002 Hiroshima City University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima, Japan
2002 - 2006 Onomichi City University, Faculty of Arts and Cultural, Onomichi, Japan
2004- Nagaoka Institute of Design, Department of Architecture & Environmental Design, Nagaoka, Japan
2005 University of Shiga Prefecture, School of Human Cultures, Shiga, Japan
2005 Kokushikan University, Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Tokyo, Japan
2005 - 2008 Hosei University, Architectural course, Tokyo, Japan
1987 Design of kitchen utensils-Bodum, Switzerland.
1990 - 1992 Bridge design; "Design project for six bridge in Setagaya"-Setagaya ward in Tokyo.
1992 - Projects of urban environmental design for highways in process-JH, Japan Highway Public Corporation.
92-95 "Tokyo Bay Aqualine" between Kawasaki & Kisarazu; design concept & sequence design for 10km tunnel under the sea, etc
93-96 "Highway Park" Atsugi, Hadano & Isehara" in Kanagawa
96-98 "Shin Nihonzaka Tunnel" in Shizuoka; sequence design for 2.5km tunnel
96-02 "Toyota Junction" in Aichi; Structural-scape design for Junction Bridges
98-02 "TECHNO Forest"- bridge pier design, structural-scape design and highway identity
98-01 "Pedestrian-Bridge on Avenue deTervuren"- bridge design, in Brussels, Belgium
99 "Mile Trees"- landscape design along Johinetsu Highway
99-01 "Guard fence design" for Tokai Hokuriku highway
99-01 "Overbridge design" in Kagoshima
00-02 "Guard fence design" for Aganokakehashi,Nihonkai Tohoku Highway
99-00 "Tora no Ana, restaurant, Architecture Planning & Interior Design
2001 "LARVA" , first sofa for baby , Furniture Design[2001 "Tokyo Designer's week"]
2002 "Plants" ,Street furniture design[2002 "Tokyo Designer's week"]
2002 "Toyota Junction Park" Park design for highway area in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture
2002 "Odori Tunnel in Takayama-Kiyomi Highway" Sequence design - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2002 "Nihonbashi Muromachi in Progress" Design for underground construction site in Nihonbashi, Tokyo - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2003 "Fence design" for Dolos yard in Naha Bay, Okinawa - Okinawa General Bureau, Cabinet Office
2004 - 2005 "Shinjuku Southern Beat Project 2005" Design for construction site in Shinjuku, Tokyo - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2006 "Hikifune Art Project" Design for construction site in Kyoshima,Sumida-ku,Tokyo- Urban Renaissance Agency
2006 - Shutoko Sequence Design Project "(shutoko + science) design" Sequence design, Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd
2006 "Shinjuku Southern Beat Project 2006 Shinjuku ID" Design for construction site in Shinjuku, Tokyo - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2006 "Kitasenba Art Wall Project " Design for construction site in Kitasenba,Osaka- Kitasenba Club
2007 "Shinjuku Southern Beat Project 2007" Design for construction site in Shinjuku, Tokyo - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2007 "Thinking Forest" Design for construction site in Tokyo University campus - Tokyo University
2008 "Fraulein" Gate and fence design, Shin Nikkei Co,Ltd
Dec, 1995 Installation; "Sensorial Dynamics", Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart Germany
Dec, 1996 "Camera obscure or Architectural museum of revolutions" produced by A. Isozaki + Architectural Institute of Japan; concept & design of the exhibition space, Tokyo Japan
Sep-Nov, 2000 "The No.3 Namsan Tunnel Project, Seoul Korea.
Oct, 2001 "Tokyo Designer's week 2001", Tokyo Japan
Mar-May, 2002 "Hardcore! - Concrete's rise from utility to lixury" ,Royal Institute of British Architects, London U.K.
Mar-Apr, 2004 "Construction toys of the world",Japan Design Committee & Bornelund Inc., Tokyo Japan
Oct, 2004 "Chairs and Small Furniture" at Tokyo Designers Week
Nov, 2005 "Play with Harapeko",DesignTide2005, Tokyo Japan
Jan-Feb, 2006 " Construction Sights Building Site Design",Matsuya Ginza,Japan Design Committee,Tokyo Japan
2006 Construction sights - Building Site Design [Kajima Institute Publishing]