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The DAILY YOMIURI published our project "OPTICAL DOTS " on 9/9.


Official web site of "(shutoko + science) design" started !

We have developed "sequence design" for expressway with Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway that is called Shutoko.
For more comfortable, safe and convenient environment for drivers, a project "(shutoko + science) design"
to re-design existing Shutoko is launched. through the project, we will evolve "sequence design" further
with scientific specialists (ecological psychological, transportation engineers, human factors, vehicle dynamics control etc.).




Web site "Shinjuku ID future" is being updated !

This web site is sent from Michino-kun living in the near future who is a character on the construction fence
in the south exit of Shinjuku station. The blog is being updated by Michino-kun and his friends.
Let's think about the future of Shinjuku with him through the web site.

.shinjyukunomirai shinjyukunomirai2


Six new designs of aluminum gate that we created for
Shin Nikkei Ltd are now on sale.
This collection brings a high quality level of design keeping a standard price.


New sequence design in the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway

We have developed the sequence design since the planning for Tokyobay Aqualine
and realized a new sequence design for road-surface at last.
This design stimulates drivers to feel their speed and slow down eventually.
This is the first trial in the world.
The venue of the design is in between Bijogi Junction on the Saitama-route and the tollgate on the Urawaminami-route.
Please try to experience the new sequence design if you go around there.

Shinjuku Southern Beat New Year's Smile

A big smile appeared in Shinjuku! It will stay during the new year's vacation.

Shinjuku Southern Beat 2007 Lights up

The special dynamic lighting of Shinjuku is finally completed!
You can see it live every evening in Shinjuku Station South Exit.


Shinjuku Southern Beat 2007

This marks the third year of the Shinjuku Southern Beat Project that
greets passers-by on the Route 20 Bridge in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
The new project "Shinjuku ID Futre" has started today.
This year the temporary enclosure around the construction site will display images of the revitalised Shinjuku Station South Exit Area.
We ask all of you who love Shinjuku to please stop and take a look at the new Shinjuku of the very near future.
This is not fiction--you are the main characters in the story.


Thinking Forest

New construction fence realized inside Tokyo University campus.
Wall pattern consists in a forest connecting 600 keywords related to research topics developed in Tokyo University.
More information at